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Advertising & Public Relations:
Job Options

Advertising Media Planner
The advertising media planner is responsible for making a series of decisions involved in the delivery of the advertising message to prospective purchasers and or users of a product or service. The media planner determines the right mix of television, radio, newspaper, magazine and other media for the advertising campaign.

Media Traffic
The media traffic personnel analyzes, selects and contracts for space or time in the various media that will be used in the campaign. The traffic individual must be knowledgeable on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the media and the demographics that they reach. Finally, he or she will make the purchase of the appropriate media and vehicles.

This category of individual includes all the creative services personnel that write and illustrate the advertising. These individuals write copy, design body copy, design headlines, and draw the ad storyboard, and may become involved with the actual creation of the advertisement.

Production Manager
The production department is responsible for the physical creation of the ads either in-house or contracted through production houses. The production manager must establish and maintain relations with exterior advertising producers and to ensure the successful completion of the advertisement.

Director of Advertising/Public Relations
The directors of advertising and/or public relations are typically two different people with similar responsibilities for their individual departments. The director is responsible for all advertising or public relations activities except sales. The director will control the entire advertising or public relations campaign including budgeting, planning, coordinating creation, and production of the process. Specific duties will depend on the size of the organization.

Public Relations Specialist
The public relations specialist is responsible for determining and evaluating public attitudes and communicating programs designed to bring about public acceptance of an organization. The public relations specialist is much like the advertising account executive. He or she is responsible for managing the public relations of an organization. The public relations specialist may be in-house or a part of an agency.

Account Executive
The account executive is responsible for all aspects of the account. He or she is responsible for understanding the advertising needs of the customer and sharing the needs to other agency personnel. The account executive coordinates the planning, creating, production, and implementation of the campaign.

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